New YA supernatural fantasy from Carla Thorne: Meet the Warrior Saints!

From Carla Thorne comes a thrilling new Young Adult fantasy / supernatural mystery ~ the Warrior Saints of Stonehaven Academy!

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Book #1 ~ Creator

In the supernatural battle of good vs. evil, whose side are you on?

Mary Hunter isn’t like everyone else, and she’s known it for years.

From brutal fights in the supernatural realm with a demon-like presence to battling obstacles in the halls of Stonehaven Academy, Mary knows she’s different.

She just doesn’t understand why.

A student at Stonehaven since kindergarten, Mary enters her freshman year as a good student and a promising member of the Saints soccer team.

Then, things start to get weird.

As her supernatural battles increase, she is drawn into friendships with others who seem to be as confused about their bizarre abilities and encounters as she is.

Now that Mary, Deacon, Scout, and Ivy have found each other, what is their purpose and why? Who gifted these newly-named Warriors with new abilities? How do they manage their powers and maneuver the confusing maze of school, family, romance—and the occasional demonic force?


Book #2 ~ Destroyer

In the growing supernatural battle between the Creator and the Destroyer, what does it cost to do the right thing?

Mary, Deacon, Scout, and Ivy have identified their abilities and understand their work for the Creator. But with every new burst of strength and skill they discover, the Destroyer grows more determined to terminate their efforts.

Surrounded by potential enemies who are capable of vicious acts, the Warriors must learn to trust each other and their supernatural help. When violence comes to the halls of Stonehaven Academy, the Warriors react, but who is really on their side?

As evil is revealed and sneaks into every area of their lives, how do the Warriors know what to do or who to trust—especially when the sacrifice is too great? And can they stay the course and endure the aftermath when not everyone survives the fight?


Book #3 ~ Victor

In one final battle, can the Warriors defeat their sworn enemy and complete their ultimate assignment?

Destruction, heartache, and catastrophic loss have followed the Warriors back to the broken hallways of Stonehaven Academy. Challenges await around every turn, as unexpected assignments become difficult for the fractured group.

When they develop relationships with new people, how do they decide who’s an ally and who’s another enemy?

With the ultimate showdown on the horizon, can Mary, Deacon, Scout, and Ivy pull together to uncover the true threat and defeat it once and for all?


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~ by Vala Kaye on April 17, 2020.

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