If you’re a follower of this blog, I’m guessing you enjoy reading paranormal/sci-fi/fantasy fiction. I have a short novel-in-progress, currently about 40,000 words, and I’d love to find beta readers to give me honest feedback. I need to know what works in the story and what doesn’t. I expect to have a finished final draft ready to send to beta readers by early January as a PDF. Or I can send just chapter 1 at that time so you can get a “feel” for the story. Then, if you want to read more, let me know, and I’ll reply with the complete version.

Here’s the tagline for Dreams of the Muse:

“A frustrated writer trades his soul for creativity when he has an affair with a mysterious young Satan worshiper. But will getting everything he’s ever wanted cause him to lose everything he already has?”

If you read and enjoy horror or suspense, I think you’ll like Dreams of the Muse!

Interested in helping me shape my next release? Fantastic! Please click on “Contact Vala Kaye” in the menu at the top of this page to send me an email with your information. *Your name and email address will not appear here on the blog for anyone else to see and will only be sent to me; I also will never use your email for any purpose other than beta reading communication.*

Since this is “adult” fiction, please specifically state in the comments field that you are definitely 18+ years of age.

Thanks for reading this far! (Oh, and I almost forgot to mention…I’ve been known to send my beta readers a small Amazon.com GC as a way to say thanks!)


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